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Petite Cherie
Annick Goutal
Rp. 2.000.000
3 Reviews
Combination, Medium Light, Neutral, 19 - 24
11 Dec 2015

I bought this one at Isetan KLCC (with the body cream).<br /> Actually I'm not a fan of Annick Goutal fragrance karena buatku (yang pernah aku coba) wanginya a lil bit heavy. But not for this one! It's perfect buat yang suka wewangian fruity yang sweet, light and fresh.<br /> I truly love the pear scents!!<br /> <br /> Cons:<br /> - Wanginya enggak...

Combination, Medium Light, Neutral, 25 - 29
22 Aug 2015

Pertama kali tau annick goutal dari sample pas gw lagi jalan-jalan di tangs. Langsung begitu gw cium baunya enak banget dan langsung gw beli. Walaupun wangi floral, menurut gw baunya agak manis-manis gitu. Tapi manisnya ngga terlalu menyengat di hidung,jadi ngga annoying banget. Emang pricey tapi karena wanginya enak banget gw bakal repurchase.

Normal, Medium Light, Neutral, 35 - 39
26 Dec 2013

Expensive? Yes. Would I buy it again? Without a doubt :).<br /> <br /> If I can only pick one perfume from my small perfumes collection it would be this one! I love the light and sweet smell of pear undertones that last forever. There's just something enchanting about this smell that makes me happy whenever I wear it. The bottle is also such a clas...

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