Fleurs d Oranger

White floral

Serge Lutens


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12:30 PM . 03 Feb 17

A luxury and sophisticated scent from Serge Lutens. I'm not really a floral person, but this is great. I was searching perfume for grandiose occasion, after few hesitant thoughts between this and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, I choose this. As looking at the price tag its definitely not cheap, but I don't regret to splurge on this. 
At the first spray it basks me in very floral notes, but not overwhelming. Enchanting I would say, it has very warm, non-sweet rather dark notes and heavy silage as whenever I walk through people they would literally tilting their head with slightest blissful smile (either man or woman) but that is what I want, I don't buy this for $$$ when its not giving a great impression.  
Long lasting on the skin, I always use the petroleum jelly hack over desired area and it feels like it still stay there for a day, I don't know really but definitely more than 8 hours (9am-10pm, not even kidding). And on clothes, if you use your office blazer you can spray few times and its not going anywhere in 4 days. 

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Serge Lutens Fleurs d Oranger


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This time the composition rules the orange blossom, sweet, delicate, soft and feminine, surrounded by white flowers: jasmine, tuberose and white rose on a warm base of floral musk, hibiscus and cumin. The fragrance possesses irresistible lingering and feminine trace that simply surrounds you, but is at the same time unobtrusive. The fragrance was created by Christopher Sheldrake in 2003.

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