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Cool Mint Tea Shower Cologne
Rp. 230.000
2 Reviews
Oily, Fair, Neutral, 25 - 29
29 Sep 2015

Walaupun agak pricey, but I love this scent. It smells like a mix of green tea and sweet mint. It’s really clean, crisp, and refreshing, and it’s definitely perfect as an after shower spray, or as a pick me up throughout the day. Pokoknya worth it banget! Lumayan tahan lama. Belum repurchase lagi karena sekali beli belum habis, overall suka banget sama aroma yang satu ini

Acne Prone, Fair Medium, Not Sure, 30 - 34
22 Jul 2014

This is the first scent that I feel truly delivers the promise of words like cool, fresh, and floral. <br /> It is light, each spray is refreshing. It has that combination of herbal-floral and tea leaves scent that -no joke- really feels like a visit to a forest with me walking down a little green path.<br /> the fact that it does not last long like perfume just suits this well.<br /> I don't like fruity scent and this definitely isn't for those fruit-loving gal.<br /> <br /> It's packaged in a cartoon box which is not too sturdy and...

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