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Earl grey and cucumber
Bergamot, earl grey, cucumber
Jo Malone
Rp. 95
4 Reviews
Acne Prone, Medium, Warm, 25 - 29
12 Aug 2017

Parfum favorit ke dua (setelah sea salt and wood sage) buat gue. Wanginya literally kayak teh earl grey (iyalah) manis, agak pahit, tp ga kayak abis kesiram teh. Just a really nice, subtle, and sweet OMG pokoknya really wanginya enak banget!!!! Dan cenderung lebih awet dibanding jo malone yg lain.

Normal, Olive, Warm, 40 - 44
11 Dec 2016

Sorry to say, but this one is not my kind of perfume. If you are looking for a sporty, unisex, fresh, and woodsy/green scent, than Earl Grey & Cucumber will suit you. Me, on the other side, prefer more on feminine scent. Sempat coba vial-nya, longevity gak bertahan lama, hanya sekitar 3 jam-an. 

Combination, Fair, Neutral, 30 - 34
10 Aug 2016

Tried this in the jo malone shop pas lg transit di klia and suka dengan wanginya yang segar. Lebih strong ke aroma cucumbernya sih daripada earl grey nya, malahan I can not scent any tea scent di perfume ini. I dont know why.

Oily, Fair, Not Sure, 30 - 34
01 Jul 2016

This is my new favourite from jo malone. Tried this first from the sample vial and got to go to buy the 100ml. Very suitable for daily use, wanginya itu fresh dan enakkkk banget, couldnt smell the tea scent though. 

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