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Bali Rain Mist
Rose Geranium
Blue Stone Botanicals
Rp. 120.000
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Oily, Medium, Warm, 25 - 29
26 Oct 2016

The packaging is a lovely metal spray bottle which is a good one considering that it contains essential oils. I also love the graphics on the packaging. I bought this local product to use it as my body mist but even though the smell is very lovely and I love it very much but I somehow feels that the fragrant is not suitable as a body mist/perfume replacement. I love to spritz a little to my pillow before bed time and it's superr relaxing. I will definitely repurchase this one for aromatherapy purpose. However you have to order online ...

Normal, Medium, Neutral, 19 - 24
23 Jul 2016

Multi purpose mist ini bisa dipakai sebagai body mist, pillow mist, pengharum ruangan dan katanya juga untuk wajah tapi nggak aku saranin sih karena isinya hampir sebagian besar essential oils. Baunya calming banget, tapi ada scent jamunya. Kalo pakai berasa abis taditional spa gitu deh

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