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12:33 AM . 02 Jul 17

Beli ini pas diskon 20% di Sephora. My shade is G50. first of all, this product is not meant to be for oily skin. The description claimed it is blendable and felt like second skin. Not gonna argue on the blendable thing, it is creamy and thick but still blendable. Second skin? not so much, since it is a bit thick, you clearly can feel you wear something on the top of your skin. One major turn off is the packaging. Batangan foundationnya copot dari kemasannya! karena dia creamy maka pas jatoh jadi ga berbentuk gitu. Bad product banget lah. untuk harga 230rb an (well, it was sale that time), aku berharap banyak sama produk ini, I mean 200rb-an should be around 30ml of product, right? Turns out everything is wrong about this product. Engga recommend buat oily skin person, dua jam udah minyakan sampe hampir pudar tuh foundienya kehapus sendiri sama minyak muka hahaha.. repurchase? no, thanks.

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Cover FX Cover Click Cream Foundation


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Cover FX Total Cover Cream Foundation in a stick version! Ideal for contouring, highlighting, concealing, and covering, this ultra-creamy formula is a cult favorite for its second skin texture and extreme blendability.

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