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Coco Blanc Aura Foundation Stick
Coco Blanc
Rp. 270.000
1 Reviews
Normal, Fair, Neutral, 45 and Above
18 Sep 2017

<span>It really creates a flawless result! Dan natural banget. It contains pigments that provide medium to full coverage but still as natural as my original skin.&nbsp;</span><div><div><span>+ Medium to Full Coverage</span></div><div><span>+ SPF 50+</span></div><div><span>+ Natural Finish</span></div><div><span>+ Suitable for All Skin Types</span></div><div><span>+ Lightweight</span></div><div><span>+ Easy to Blend</span></div><div><span>+ Comes with Soft Brush</span></div><div><span><br></span></div><div><span>- Not Really Suitable f...

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