blanc chroma brightening UV cushion foundation

764 medium light beige

Shu Uemura


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6:15 PM . 29 Sep 17

Awalnya tertarik mau coba ini gegara keracun sama selebgram hhahaha.. Akhirnya aku cobalah si cushion ini dan ternyata di aku jadi kering sekali dan micu timbulnya komedo putih dan bahkan bisa langsung tumbuh jerawat. :(

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10:25 PM . 05 Nov 16

This cushion foundation has medium semi-matte finish, with medium-buildable coverage. The formula is quite drying and it emphasize my pores when I didnt use primer (you absolutely need to use moisturizer and silicone based primer if you have huge pore). The staying power is great though, it stays about 3-4 hours (without blotting) on my very oily T-zone and doesn't oxidize. I got this in medium light beige shade, which is a bit too dark for me actually, so I cannot say about any brightening effect. Overall the formula is OK.The biggest problem with this cushion is the packaging. First is the cushion, which is more suitable to call it a net than a cushion. Compared to the usual cushion (I have only used etude and laneige so I dont know others), the netting does not really dispense the product, so you have to press more for product. The second problem is the puff. The puff is more like standard powder puff (It feels exactly the same with my pigeon powder puff -___-), which make the product stays more on the puff and does not transfer to my skin. So I end up needing to use a brush to apply the foundation, which really defeat the purpose of supposedly simple, hassle-free cushion foundation.So the conclusion is: the formula itself is quite ok, but for IDR 500k and the packaging I got?  There are better options out there girls

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Shu Uemura blanc chroma brightening UV cushion foundation


1 year ago






Package Quality




SMART application

- unique cushion puff made up of a plush pile of soft flocky hairs

▸ hold and releases the liquid formula, enabling even application

and fresh radiant finish with every touch.

▸ for a naturally radiant and expert finish, press and glide the puff

following facial contours.

SMART formula

- formula is jellified at rest and fluid during application.

▸ delivers the benefits of a flawless make-up finish with the

convenience of being able to use it anytime, anywhere.

- formulated with brightening actives such as melano SW +

vitamin CG.

▸ reveals skin's brightness with overtime use and helps to target

dark spots for anti-pigmentation effect.

SMART cushion system

- auto-wiper membrane + auto-dispenser (non woven fiber matrix).

▸ allows for better pick-up of product and even application

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Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura adalah brand kosmetik asal Jepang yang meluncurkan produk pertamanya pada tahun 1960. Shu Uemura nama pemilik yang juga dijadikan nama brand ini adalah seorang makeup artist brand kosmetik yang dikenal karena kualitas produknya.

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