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Nude Wear Touch of Glow Foundation
Rp. 201.000
2 Reviews
Normal, Light, Neutral, 45 and Above
31 Aug 2016

One of the best products from #PhysiciansFormula I can say &lt;3 &lt;3<div>Texture ringan, it gives a healthy and glow looking skin, gak lengket, gak bikin kering, mudah ngeblend kekulit kalo kamu apply with sponge. Hasil gak "jeplak" ke muka ... natural gitu, dan menurutku cukup tahan lama.</div><div>Cute packaging &lt;3, looking sweet-classy-femi...

Normal, Medium Light, Neutral, 25 - 29
22 Sep 2015

Suka banget sama foundi ini, The Best Drugstore Foundation!<br /> <br /> Pertama kali nyoba ini karena klaim nya yang weighless liquid to powder foundation (so i thought this is dupe for armani maestro)<br /> <br /> Pro: <br /> The packaging is very cute! (Can't i say this foundi has the cutest packanging?) that little bow in the cap and the pink-p...

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