True Match Liquid Foundation

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L'Oreal Paris


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L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Foundation

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New True Match, super blendable foundation.

The new formula contains 3 new shade enhancers for shade matching precision. Skin perfecting pigments and the ultra gliding creamy texture give a homogeneous finish. Even better colour matching, and more luminous and radiant skin than before. Even longer wear and better comfort. All you see is your skin at it's best.

How to apply:

1. Start with a well cleansed, toned and moisturised face.

2. Apply Studio Secrets Primer to your face. Remember, less is more.

3. Apply your True Match Foundation to your face. Start with the T-zone, and in a rolling motion, work your way out.

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L'Oreal Paris

L’Oreal telah memberi warna tersendiri pada dunia kecantikan selama lebih dari satu abad. Berawal dari perusahaan kecil yang didirikan pada 1909 oleh Eugne Schueller, L’Oreal kini telah menjadi sebuah grup kosmetik terbesar di dunia. Jutaan wanita di dunia selalu mencari, membutuhkan, dan memakai produk skincare dan makeup dari L’Oreal.

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