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6:53 PM . 18 Sep 16

Bought this foundation because it claims it contains anti-aging/youth boosting ingredients in it. I always hunt for products to delay skin-aging in my mid 20s. LOL. It has nice light to medium coverage. The texture is so light, a little bit thicker than M.A.C. Face n Body, but the finish is quite similar. Dewy, skin like finish. I find it so easy to blend on the skin, doesn't crack on smiling lines, and hydrating all day long. It doesn't work on my skin, because I sweat a lot(it washes away by my sweating *sigh). BUT it is so lovely on dry skin people, and on mature skin. Still contain paraben and fragrance. It makes my super sensitive skinned client itchy. So, not sure if I want to buy it again. For 32 poundsterling, it should be a hypoallergenic product. :/

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Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder


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I’ve created the holy grail of foundations… An air-light formula with wonder powers: it illuminates, smoothes, hydrates, minimises pores and reduces wrinkles for perfect skin. When it comes to foundation, I have one simple rule: perfect coverage in a light-weight formula. Eyes can be intense, lips can be full on, but your complexion should be seamless, breathable and beautiful. It’s one of my 7 wonders for your skin!

• This innovative technology breathes a diaphanous veil of youth-enhancing tint across your complexion, evening out imperfections and moisturising the skin. It’s like a halo effect of luminosity and colour.

• A pool of youth-boosting actives helps reduce wrinkles, fight uneven skin tone and smooth over the surface for a “baby-skin effect”.

• A botanical alternative to retinol stimulates epidermal renewal by kick-starting collagen production, delaying the onset of wrinkles and creating a perfect make-up base.

• SPF 15 protects skin from UV damage.

• Pseudo-ceramides hydrate your skin for up to 18 hours.

• For dry, normal, combination skin types.

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