Flower Perfection Youth Extension Foundation

52 Vanille



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10:31 AM . 16 Jun 16

I kinda have a love hate relationship with this foundation. Senengnya adalah nempel banget sama kulit, nggak keliatan kayak pake topeng. Tapi sebelnya, coverage-nya low, jadi bintik-bintik hitam bekas jerawat di dagu nggak tersamarkan sama sekali. Huhu. Dan sponge-nya nggak guna.

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5:44 PM . 14 Nov 15

My ultimate favorite full-cover foundation! Not sure about the "youth extension" bit though, because in my opinion youthful complexion is more skin-like, while this foundation is more noticeable when worn.
Vanille/Vanilla shade most suits NC/NW20-25 skin tones with less strong yellow undertone.

+ So blendable
+ Covers most of my dark spots
+ Full coverage and lasts a quite long time, on me it's about 6-7 hours
+ Pleasant flower smell (hey, at least it doesn't stink!)
+ Like other Bourjois foundations, it doesn't break me out

- Color selections might be too beige for some with warmer skin tones
- Useless sponge applicator
- IT's BEEN DISCONTINUED! GOSH! (but you can still find some through ebay or amazon)

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Bourjois Flower Perfection Youth Extension Foundation


2 years ago






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Youth Extension foundation for a smooth, beautified complexion that’s lasts up to 16 hours
Velvety smooth finish. No mask effect
Skincare action with SPF 15 and wild azalea flower to protect cells youth
Built-in sponge applicator for quick and easy application

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Bourjois lahir di tengah lingkungan theater dan performing arts pada tahun 1862. Lebih dari 150 kemudian, Bourjois tetap menciptakan makeup, fragrance, dan skin care yang terjual luas di seluruh dunia.

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