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Primed and Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer
Too Faced
Rp. 396.000
3 Reviews
Oily, Light, Warm, 25 - 29
12 Jun 2018

Aku pake yang for sensitive skin. suka banget, bisa nutup pori2, muka jadi halus banget. oil controlnya gak sebagus itu sih tapi foundationku tetep tahan lama dan gak kayak separate gitu dari kulit. gak ada bau2 yang mengganggu, utk apply foundation juga jadi lebih gampang. pengennya sih repurchase tp harganya kemahalan.

Dry, Medium Light, Warm, 19 - 24
08 Jan 2016

It does helps to make my make up stays and sticks longer to my face, and when I apply it, it feels really soft like powdery, but I can't really see a different when people says it makes your pores smaller, or probably because my pores aren't big. But it's a good makeup base.

Oily, Light, Cool, 30 - 34
31 Dec 2015

This primer is way better than Be****t. It really does help to smooth the overall texture of the skin, and I feel it helps my makeup go on smoothly and last longer. You only need a small amount of the product to cover your entire face, if you use too much it feels heavy (but it won't &quot;peel off&quot; like some other primers). <br /> But you nee...

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