Maikohan Shitaji Base Makeup

Sakura iro -Pink Beige-



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4:50 PM . 13 Oct 15

This makeup base is really great. It brightens my face, with soft finish. It is useful against cream/liquid BB/foundation, sticking them very well. The Maikohan Shitaji creates brighter face with pink undertone. A pretty result I've got.

Tried it with my naughty KATE Powderless Liquid and it can make my foundation stays well for a long time without cakey! Definitely approved the quality and price. Too bad, it's not available in Indonesia.

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SANA Maikohan Shitaji Base Makeup


2 years ago






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Create soft white skin without dullness.
It can cover pores and dullness and adjust to pure beautiful skin.
With natural florid scent. It will stay for a long time with moisture, such as beauty emulsion.

? skin becomes pure touch of Obokoi * slightly and florid feeling up while covering the pores & cover dullness to the skin! It prepares a pure soft white skin. With the cherry color Pearl blending.

? water-repellent (Hassui) and oil-repellent (Hatsuyu). Won't give dry skin. Blended with six serum components. Cherry flower extract * 1, soy isoflavone, camellia oil * 2, hyaluronic acid Na, ceramide 2, squalane (all moisturizing) - One 7 winning combination: Beauty milk, makeup base, cover pores, skin color correction, transparent feeling up, florid feeling up, with a UV-cut, multi-function base makeup is complete.

? SPF30 PA +++ ? have a very delicate flavor 'Sakurashi (Sakura song)' scent ? faintly pink skin 'cherry color (pink beige)'

* Obokoi: dialect, such as West Japan. Young, innocent * 1 Satozakura flower extract * 2 camellia seed oil

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