Protecting Foundation Primer S SPF 42 PA+++


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6:15 PM . 14 Jul 17

Aku pernah liat review orang pake produk ini tanpa foundation lagi dan hasilnya oke. Tapi untuk aku yang oily, ga banget sih.. Jadi oily banget throughout the day. Nah kalo dipakai sebelum foundation, si primer ini bikin foundationku jadi lebih tahan lama dan makin oke lagi finishnya, SPF nya juga gede. Kekurangannya mungkin cuma wanginya aja ya yang lumayan strong tapi overall baguuus!

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Paul and Joe Protecting Foundation Primer S SPF 42 PA+++

4 months ago






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Paul & Joe Protecting Foundation Primer S perfectly preps the skin for the application of foundation, whilst delivering a subtle glow that will complete any look beautifully.

Available in a selection of true-to-life shades, Protecting Foundation Primer S is infused with Grape Seed Extract, ensuring that a pore-less, matte finish can be created for the skin, whilst fabulously maintaining the optimal moisture levels of the complexion.

Featuring Paul & Joe's renowned formula, Protecting Foundation Primer S offers a flexible coating for the skin that will help makeup stay on longer. Enriched with Botanical Extracts, this high performance primer promises to provide moisture to your skin whilst maintaining the perfect finish to your base makeup.

With the ability to defend the skin against damaging UV-rays, Protecting Foundation Primer S certifies itself as a true beauty must-have for any cosmetic obsessive who loves to take in the sun.

Achieve complexion perfection with the innovative Protecting Foundation Primer S from the icons at Paul & Joe.

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