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9:46 AM . 08 Sep 15

i'm usually into matte primer but sometimes i kinda want a dewy finish to my face makeup and decided to try this product from missha.
it has a light texture and non greasy when applied. Usually i will mix this with my foundation and it gives a gorgeous luminous finish appearance. I set it with powder tho, since i remember that my face probably won't like the over wet finish few hours after if i didn't set it.

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3:55 PM . 01 Jan 14

I absolutely adore this primer. Its a korean product that my friend Irawati sent me to try and she is absolutely right to thinking that itd go well with my skin and complexion. Because it does. So so well.
I have a normal (tend to dry - due to age) skin, and it feels light on my skin, non heavy and once applied, leaves the skin looking dewy and luminous - kinda sparkle a lil. Im not kidding. Oh it just makes my whole look a lot better.
Texture is light and airy, easy to apply and non greasy. and I loved that t has organic ingredients and wrinkle care.

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Missha Signature Dramatic Base Boomer


4 years ago






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A gentle, efficacious, skin treatment makeup primer.
Features Air Breathing Powder, capsulated fermented yeast in porous powder.
Offers weightless sensation & high-adherence.
Formulated with Lotus Water for hydrating, wrinkle repairing & whitening effects.
Contains Herba Care ingredient for anti-irritation.
Blended with 10 organic complexes & 32 herb complexes that protect skin.
Infused with multi-layer pearl to brighten skin tone.

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Missha adalah brand skincare dan kosmetik asal Korea Selatan yang berada dibawah naungan Abel C&C Co. resmi diluncurkan pada tahun 2000 secara online. Awalnya yang hanya dijual secara online, Missha pun berkembang menjadi franchise dan sampai sekarang dikenal di hampir seluruh negara.

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