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10:11 AM . 03 Nov 16

Face primer ini sebenernya punya ibu aku yang pecinta brand Lunasol, saat apply terasa agak lengket dan kurang nyaman buat aku, ditambah lagi tidak memberikan efek poreless yang aku harapkan dari face primer, pori-pori juga sama saja dengan tidak memakai primer. Tidak ada kelebihan oil control juga, malah tambah berminyak dari biasanya setelah pakai makeup seharian. Entah apa kelebihannya, mahal pula. Mungkin ini cocok untuk kulit kering.

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10:30 PM . 08 Sep 15

I am a fan of muted glow skin a.k.a glowing skin without shimmering highlighter and it is not easy to achieve without any help from photo editing filter :P. But I guess I have found a magic product that helps me to achieve that so called muted glow.

The Lunasol Smoothing Make Up Base is a make up primer / base. I firstly received a sample of this primer after purchasing the Lunasol Skin Modelling water cream foundation and I liked it so much I went to buy it right after I finished the sample.

Lunasol describes this primer as a creamy texture make up base that fills pores and uneven surfaces and creates an even film over the skin to leave it silky smooth. The primer also supposed to absorb perspiration and sebum and to prolong the wear of foundation. I must say that this primer lives up to all the claims and it is even better.

Lunasol Smoothing Make Up Base comes in a squeeze tube packaging that I really like because it is travel friendly, hygienic and economist because you can always use it up til the last drop. It also comes with SPF 27 PA++ which is not bad, but might not be the best for photo as it does give a slight white cast ( I don't really mind though because it gives more brightening effect to the skin ).
The primer has creamy texture and I prefer to apply it using my fingertips just like applying my daily moisturizer. The primer spreads smoothly and evenly. It has a very very sheer pigmentation, similar to the Sunday Riley Effortless Breathable Tinted Primer , but the coverage is enough to even out the skin tone and prepare my bare skin for the other make up routine.
It feels hydrating and and provide a glowing base that is when combined with good foundation will create the so called muted glow I really like. It is like your skin looks 'creamy' and glowing from within.

I notice that my foundation spreads easily and more even over this base and it just sticks on better. The texture is emollient and a pleasant to apply. Major love.

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Lunasol Smoothing Make Up Base


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