(2 reviews)
Stick Anticernes Correcteur
Beige Dore
Rp. 142.000
2 Reviews
Combination, Medium, Warm, 30 - 34
07 Jan 2016

Very efficient light-weight packaging leads to fast and easy applying. <br /> Quite pleased with the texture that glides smoothly as i smudge it on my skin. A light pat after applying leads to a natural result because it blends right away with my foundie. I use it to conceal dark spots also to highlight in certain areas.<br /> The down side is it d...

Combination, Medium, Warm, 25 - 29
28 Nov 2015

Namanya sangat asing di telinga<br /> Salah satu concealer bourjois.<br /> Harganya cukup mahal buat ukuran drugstore dan isinya nggak terlalu banyak<br /> Warnanya cukup masuk skin tone ku tapi masih kurang light dikit buat highlighter

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