(4 reviews)
Glamour To Go Pocket Palette
Too Faced
Rp. 270.000
4 Reviews
Combination, Medium Light, Warm, 30 - 34
31 Oct 2015

Kurang suka dengan palette ini. Eyeshadownya kurang pigmented, not smooth enough, chalky, banyak fall outnya. Dari brand too faced aku mengharapkan eyeshadow yg buttery smooth dan pigmented, dan palette ini sangat mengecewakan. Packagingnya sja yg cute but too girly for my taste. Blush, bronzer standar aja nothing special.<br /> Sudah langsung aku ...

Combination, Cool, 25 - 29
29 Oct 2015

This has to be the cutest compact!! Its what made me want to check this out in the first place. All of the colors look wonderful on. Its a great ideal. Perfect to just throw in your small handbag. People at work have joked that its what a female james bond would carry.

Combination, Medium, Warm, 25 - 29
28 Oct 2015

The eyeshadows are not pigmented enough and they're mostly chalky and have TONS of fall out (I have to use badass eyeshadow primer for this AND wet the brush too so that they don't fall out). The bronzer and blush are standards. For that kind of price and the big name of Too Faced, I expected more and this is just blah.

Dry, Medium Light, Warm, 25 - 29
30 Dec 2013

Saya suka karena packagingnya cute and compact dan mudah dibawa travelling.<br /> Pilihan warna eyeshadownya pun bisa menjadi pilihan untuk dipakai sehari-hari.<br /> mungkin yang useless adakah lipglossnya, karena hampir gak pernah kepake.

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