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Shade + Light Face Contour Palette
Kat Von D
Rp. 626.635
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Combination, Tan, Neutral, 30 - 34
05 Jun 2017

I stayed away from this one for as long as I could. I thought it was so overhyped! It's not available here so it would have been a gamble to purchase one without having swatched the shades in person. I finally got a chance to swatch it in Singapore and initially was not impressed. But I was so curious of the hype that I went back to swatch it anothet time using another brush and decided to give it a shot just by virtue of how buttery the shades are. I am glad I did! The contouring shades may not appear the right tone as they don't...

Acne Prone, Fair, Neutral, 45 and Above
08 Feb 2017

First impression directly fallin in  love , you can say the holy grail countour palette . Compare ABH I like Katvon D . The cardbox look elegant with silver and black colour. The powder are all pigmented and quite soft easily to blend. Repurchase yess 100% . I recommend this to anyone looking for a nice and fantastic countour palette

Oily, Olive, Warm, 19 - 24
28 Jan 2017

Finally setelah nunggu ada diskon di sephora kebeli juga contour palette ini. Udah eyeing bangt sama produk kat von d ini. Well, aku emang banci packaging jadi ngeliat desain packaging contour palette langsun deh jatuh cinta hehe it's just unique ala kat von d yg ala2 gothic gtu tapi tetep keliatan sleek. Thank to god krn skintone ku medium jadi actually i can work with everyshade in this palette. Pas nerima emang sih ini tebel bgt wkwk alias bulky and yeah agak ribet klo mau di bawa travelling tp ttp masih bsa kok. Aku sblmnya pake c...

Combination, Medium, Warm, 45 and Above
16 May 2016

Akhirnya setelah sekian lama, bisa pegang palet ini di tangan... seneng banget!<div>Aku baru pakai contour colornya yg paling gelap, but so far I can say that this palette is worth to buy! Tekstur powdernya mirip dengan Kevyn Aucoin medium sculpting powder, diusrek dikit aja udah beterbangan. Begitu di-apply ke pipi, wah, so pigmented. Bakalan jadi kayak jambang nih hehehe... Tapiii... powder ini blendable sekalii, dengan sedikit keterampilan ngeblend, warna contournya nyatu banget, apa ya istilahnya, diffused? Pokoknya ngga ada cerit...

Dry, Fair, Neutral, 19 - 24
23 Feb 2016

my holly grail contour powder. super pigmented, pacckagingnya simple dengan kaca yg besar. suka sama shade yang lyric atau banana. staying powernya gausah ditanya dari pagi sampe malem it still there! Teksturenya alus banget, kalo diliat kyk buttery gituu. super easy to blend also.the only downside is krn ini pigmeted banget ati2 jgn sampe heavy handed aja.

Acne Prone, Medium, Not Sure, 19 - 24
11 Nov 2015

seriously this is my hole grail for contour palette. warnanya cantik banget terus juga lengkap banget karna ada highlight juga. texsturnya pigmented tap gimping banget but di blend. terus juga hasil dari contournya di kulit kita itu natural banget. ya memang termasuk mahal sih cuma buat aku worth it ko sama yang kita dapet.

Combination, Olive, Warm, 25 - 29
30 Sep 2015

Packagingnya cantik khas kat von d. Agak bulky tapi kokoh. <br /> Pan yang isinya hiliter lebih kecil dari pan contouring. <br /> Warnanya pigmented dan mudah di blending. Pilihan warnanya cocok untuk berbagai warna kulit.

Combination, Fair Medium, Neutral, 19 - 24
27 Sep 2015

i try this from my sister's. hahaha. i do not have this because the price is so expensive :(<br /> this product is so surprising me.<br /> i think is so much better that ABH contour pallete. i highly recommended you to buy this pallet because it makes your contour natural looking and not overly obvious especially in photos. i'm not a pro for contouring or maybe i do not have a the right brush to apply it, but i feel that this contour pallet is so easy to use. it is ideal for any skin color, love the pigmented compared to other product...

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