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2:15 AM . 08 Dec 17

I just love this muuuuccch. Ini highlighter dengan harga yang terjangkau namun oke punya. Saya suka banget tiap hari saya pake. Pokoknya semenjak punya highliter ini bagiku highlighter is lifeee. Jadi tak bisa makeup tanpa highlighter . Hehehehe. Pokoknya this product is one of the best-lah.

5 User's Overall rating


12:15 PM . 27 Nov 17

Highlighter ini wow banget sih! Walaupun dia compressed tapi teksurnya creamy dan superrr pigmented. Beli ini karena murah banget dan katanya ini dupe dari highlightnya ABH? recommended deh, glow-nya itu bener bener like bomb banget ✨✨✨

5 User's Overall rating


11:15 AM . 22 Nov 17

This is my first ever highlighter and i love it! The shades are amazing, highly pigmented, very buttery, and easy to apply. I feel like It’s more pigmented when i use my finger rather than a brush. The packaging is made of cardboard, quite thick and bulky. Very happy with this purchase.

5 User's Overall rating


9:51 AM . 21 Nov 17

My first highlighter. Warnanya cantik dan harganya affordable bangeet karena dalam satu pallete ini isinya ada 4. Di kulit aku yang berminyak, pake highlighter ini ga cepet luntur. Warna keempatnya 'nyala' banget. The best untuk angel glow ini!

5 User's Overall rating


3:57 PM . 30 Oct 17

I dont have "many" highlighter, but i have some, especially the one that is combo with contouring product, is that even allowed to be called highlighter though ? anyway OOT. lestalk abount beauty creation highlighter in shade angel glow, son, buy this pallete, you wont regret it. if you are looking for your first highlighter, buy this one, dont look for something els. its sooo pigmented, the glow is real, you got the wet look, the product is so soft, no chunky glitter, not powdery, you can apply it softly for subtle glow, or go crazy and blind everyone with this pallete. and the colors selection is awesome, and all wearable. it probably a dupe for the ABH glow kit, but yeaa issokay. packaging isscute, no issue from me either. 5 of 5 foshooo

5 User's Overall rating

Beauty Creations Beauty Creation Highlighter


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