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9:22 PM . 20 Aug 17

Back then, I was confused to pick between BB or CC cream. It happened that Alth*a got a promotion price for this product in last Valentine and I just bought this without hesitation since it was pretty cheap (IDR 130,000 for 50ml, for now it is around 150,000 - 200,000 in some online shops).There is no color option and the first time I applied it, I felt like a ghost. It was soooo white! But after some seconds, the color blended well, just like my face but brighter. I had no complexion, break out, nor any other problem using this product. The coverage is so light, can't even cover my acne marks but since I usually put loose powder, it works well. Go to work at 8 and come back at around 7 without any touch up (I'm lazy hahaha), but I don't look dull. This is the best one! Been using this for 6 months, probably this will last for 7 months (I use it everyday! :D ).Anyway, this product has 6in1 function (whitening, anti UV, anti wrinkle, moisture, skin tone correction, and blemish preparation), and I think all of those functions work on me. I don't know what is blemish preparation, so I can say nothing hehe. For wrinkle, I don't have wrinkle for now, but at least, I even don't have dark circles! Not sure it is because of this product or my night cream.==================Awalnya beli ini pas ada diskon Valentine di Alth*a. Begitu dicoba, kok putih banget sampe kayak setan gitu liatnya. Tapi abis berapa detik, warnanya berubah ngikutin warna kulit aku, tapi jadi kayak wajah aku lebih cerah gitu. Nggak bisa nutupin bekas jerawat, tapi biasanya aku pakai bareng loose powder jadi cukup nutupin :)Biasanya kerja berangkat jam 8, pulang jam 7an, sama sekali nggak touch up. Emang udah nggak kayak pakai make up tapi masih cerah nggak kusam gitu mukanya. Sudah pasti bakal beli lagi! Sudah dipakai 6 bulan masih ada sisa, kayaknya bulan ketujuh bakal habis.Produk ini katanya ada 6 fungsi (whitening, anti UV, anti wrinkle, moisturizer, skin tone correction, blemish preparation). Semuanya kayaknya bener, tapi aku nggak tau apa itu blemish preparation, sih Untuk keriput, berhubung aku juga belum muncul tanda-tanda, jadi nggak yakin juga. Tapi seenggaknya, aku nggak ada kantung mata (meski nggak yakin itu efek CC cream ini atau krim malam).

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Witch's Pouch Color Correction CC Cream SPF50


3 months ago






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- Whitening

- Anti Ultraviolet

- Anti Wrinkle

- Moisturizer

- Skin Tone Correction

- Blemish Preparation

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