(2 reviews)
Mi Luxury BB
The History of Whoo
Rp. 540.000
2 Reviews
Oily, Light, Neutral, 30 - 34
11 Dec 2015

I bought this BB in sachets. I'm acne prone so I use BB & foundation on really special occasions. This BB cream is not so thick, low coverage, but contains shimmer that will make your skin looks bright. Its color also blends quite well with my skin. Good news for me is it doesn't cause acne. I recommend this for daily use for those who don't h...

Dry, Light, Warm, 40 - 44
11 Sep 2015

Luxury BB cream ini natural banget, ada bling2nya yang bikin muka glowing tapi gak lebay bling2nya. Hasilnya dewy dan smooth.<br /> Coverage dan oil control nya so so. Cocok untuk kulit normal - dry.<br /> Wanginya khas ginseng. So far aku suka bb cream ini dan dipake saat kulit lagi kering.

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