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10:15 AM . 29 Sep 17

Baru pertama kalinya cobain cushion, eh lgsung cocok sm cushion sulwhasoo, hasilnya covering bgt, glowing, ringan di wajah, tahan lama >8 jam, ga bkin kering. Bakalan repurchase terus sih kalo gini ??

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6:14 AM . 14 Oct 16

Being minimalist-makeup cult, forces me to invest more to products I apply on. I usually only use base makeup and lip makeup for casual days or even formal events. Therefore I choose the best hi-rated product and of course even though I always glimpse on a hi-end brands, adjusting my budget still be the numero uno to be considered.
Yes, this Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion is one of a godsend, I love how gracious and elegantly this Korean brand is. I use it almost everyday, drop off and pick up my kid at school, go to the nearest grocery shopping or when I need to stroll around nice mall, etc. It's way easier and faster to put on. Just need 1 layer, tap tap smoothly and here it is I good to go. 
Almost every time I met my friends, some of them often said that, "Kulitnya bersih banget".. Hehe, alhamdulillah though. My face is fortunately quite clear since I have no acne nor blemishes, adding this cushion make my skin looks more 'kinclong'. I can say this is My Skin But Better. 
The longevity is undoubted, my face still sit on the first I applied until more hours, and I feel like it doesn't disturbed at all to use in this country with high temperature and humidity. 
The price of course is quite pricey, but it's worth to own. Oya, since I use this almost everyday, it can be used until the last tap for about 2 months. One refill attached can give you 2 more months. Yet the cushion puff easily to be washed with only a couple stroke of baby body wash. 
Definitely will always repurchase this precious Sulwhasoo Cushion.
The price range is about IDR 600,000-700,000 (attached with the refill), depends on the place you buy. You can get it easily on Sulwhasoo counter or place an order to http://forum.femaledaily.com/forumdisplay.php?17-Beauty-Warehouse .

5 User's Overall rating

Sulwhasoo Evenfair Perfecting Cushion


1 year ago






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- It contains apricot kernel oil, which works to promote collagen, gives powerful anti-wrinkle benefit
- It deliver optimal hydration and lifting effect
- It has SPF 50+ PA+++
- It claims flawless finish for 12 hours

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Sulwhasoo adalah produsen perawatan kulit asal Korea Selatan yang sudah didirikan sejak tahun 1967 oleh Suh Sung-whan. Sulwhasoo pun membuat produk yang berasal dari ilmu pengobatan tradisional Korea Selatan untuk mendapatkan kondisi kulit dan memperbaiki kulit di waktu tertentu.

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