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6:59 PM . 26 Nov 15

Bought myself a sample size waktu lagi gencar-gencarnya sama kosmetik dari Paris. Totally love this product. I've been using this product on and off for the past couple of years. I love everything about this sunscreen except for the horrible shade. I have warm medium skin color so it doesn't really fit me. I love the texture and how easy it is to apply, and that a little goes a long way. It doesn't sweat off either which is great.

No repurchase because there are way cheaper bb cream or sun protection out there.

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7:41 PM . 02 Nov 15

I tried this years ago, got it as a sample from buying Lancome's product. And let me tell you there's nothing that you don't love about this product it both sunscreen and BB Cream so you got the UV protection also the coverage you want. The coverage is sheer and it has like a shimmer that is quite obvious but still looks natural and once you add your powder to set the sheer will disappeared. The shade of the BB cream is a little to fair for Asian, but if you have light/fair/light medium this will suits you just fine. Considering the prize and because I have never found another sunscreen this high on SPF and PA+++ and has BB complexion with a great finish like this, I might repurchase. But since my Clarins sunscreen already have everything I want, I might not repurchase this, So confuse right

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9:49 PM . 28 Sep 15

Wonderful product, i love to wear it daily, the texture is a bit runny but really blend onto my skin. The downside of this product is the color, it's still too fair for me, i'd like to purchase this UV expert from Lancome again but i might choose the regular UV expert rather than this.

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11:27 PM . 21 Jul 15

Menurut ku BB cream ini cukup oke, cuma aku kurang suka shade nya yang agak abu2, jadi kurang cocok dengan skin tone aku. Untuk texture pas dan very easy to blend. Packaging juga bagus, hygienic and easy to carry around. untuk staying power, menurutku sekitat 6 jam aja yah, abis itu mulai agak cakey. Cuma karena spf nya yg tinggi, aku selalu pake ini kalau misalnya ada acara outdoor.

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3:21 PM . 02 Jan 14

shade : kaya BB cream korea dia gray gitu warnanya, pas di pake keliatannya muka jadi kaya abu" gitu, tapi setelah di set pake bedak dan yang lainnya jadi keliatan normal.

texture : ga terlalu cair juga, enak banget buat di blend, dan si BB ini ada wanginya, cuman ga terlalu ganggu sih.

coverage, sheer to medium

overall : aku pake ini untuk gantiin sun bluck karena dia punya SPF yang cukup tinggi yaitu 50+! dan dia ga terasa berat di muka, pokoknya enak pas di pake deh.

4 User's Overall rating

Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield BB Complete


3 years ago

Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield BB Complete


1 year ago






Package Quality




UV Expert SPF 50 PA+++ BB Complete features an exceptional triple potency formula offering optimal performance on protection, correction and coverage:
Better Coverage:
For an optimised coverage and a fresh luminous skin, Lancôme introduces in its new BB Complete Aura-Inside™, pioneered for Teint Miracle, which combines pink and blue bioptic pigments with translucent liquid micro-mirrors to bathe skin in a fresh, luminous glow. Instantly, fine lines, blemishes and dark spots are optically faded to create the illusion of a flattering fair and flawless skin.

Better Protection:
With a complete and powerful protection system that incorporates:
- Pollution shield: a new combination of the anti-pollution Pollusafe™ Complex and Moringa extract to help protect skin against damaging free radicals, carbon molecules and heavy metals;
- patented Mexoryl® SX and XL (our best anti-UV filtering system) offering an unprecedented 12-hour UV protection;
- the GN-Shield™ system designed to protect DNA by neutralizing inflammatory pigmentation messengers triggered by UV rays at the dermal level while helping block the sun’s harmful rays at the surface.

Better Correction:
For the first time, Lancôme’s BB base offers a correction from within, thanks to the efficiency* of skincare ingredients, to attain the ideal of a perfect skin.
An active pore-refining and anti-spot complex, works over time to help fight blemishes and imperfections.

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Lancome adalah brand skincare, makeup, dan parfum premium asal Perancis didirikan oleh Armand Petitjean pada tahun 1935. Dimulai dengan toko parfum, saat ini Lancome telah didistribusikan secara internasional.

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