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12:47 PM . 20 Oct 16

Ini cushion pertamaku and I'm totally in love with it! I have it in C21 dan hasilnya even skin tone in a lovely colour (ngga ashy aneh like some BB / CC creams that I've tried) with just the right amount of dewiness. Medium coverage, as in hitam2 bekas jerewi sih masih keliatan yaa, but easily fixed with a concealer. Mgkn bisa di build up on certain blemished areas tp in my experience malah jadi cakey and uneven skin tone (or maybe blm OK aja kali skillnya... ????) Staying power isn't so great on me. After about 2 hours uda mulai bergeser and slight creasing disana sini, but my skin overall still looks pretty fresh. I'm usually just a sunscreen & no makeup kind of gal, but this feels very light on my face that I've started wearing it everyday from morning til night! And the best thing is it doesn't break me out!!! Although, let's not forget this is my first cushion, so I can't compare it with any other just yet. 

Sorry for the long review!

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10:23 AM . 30 Sep 16

Bb cushion pertamaku! Gara2 keracun kanan kiri, dan rata2 pd blg bagus untuk merek ini. Tapi aku ga menyesal! This bb cushion just like my second skin! Hasilnya natural bgt, dan cocok sama muka aku. Definitely will repurchase setelah nabung2 lg karena harganya yg pricey :D

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11:47 PM . 10 Apr 16

Aku beli ini beberapa waktu yang lalu, and i love it so much,, sayangnya aku salah beli shade akhirnya pas pake cushion ini malah jadi kayak topeng. overall setelah pemakaian beberapa jam warnanya jadi mulai nyatu di kulit mungkin juga karena kulitku yang kering. Pokoknya cushion ini oke banget walau coveragenya low to medium ya...

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6:14 PM . 03 Jan 16

This is the very first BB cushion that I have tried based on my korean friend recommendation and I fell in love straight away with it.
I am never a big fan of heavy make up, hence I don't like to put on foundation, primer, Concealer and powder on my face layer after layer that made my face feels heavy as of I am wearing a mask!
With bb cream, it as easy as used one product in one go. This BB cushion is works amazing as its light, make my face glows in the right way, stay long in my face and it doesn't left dry or sticky feeling in my face
My skin type is dry to normal and sometimes can be oily in my tzone, but this BB cushion can work well in my combination Skin.
Yes it is expensive but I guess I will definitely repurchase!

5 User's Overall rating

Hera UV Mist Cushion


1 year ago






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HERA UV Mist Cushion SPF50+ / PA+++
#C21 Cool Vanila Cover (**Refill included)
Multi-sunblock foundation to express moist, lustous skin with Mist + Foundation + Sunblock + Whitening + Cooling effects
Instant moisturizin + colling effects with clay-mineral water. Expressing moist and bright skin with a thin, clear layer just like an artist's touch.
Blocking UV rays as well as preventing damage from oxidation and heat by the UV Shield Complex. Expressing the desired tone & various colors customized for different skin.

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