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6:15 AM . 08 Oct 17

I love this bb cream. Gak tau gmn, tapi aku ngerasa semenjak pakai bb cream ini, it heals my break out. Kulitku gampang bgt bruntusan di bagian dahi kalau gak cocok sm product skin care tertentu. And amaze bgt, ketika pake ini di muka juga rasanya light, & cukup masuk sm skin tone aku. Sayangnya, memang utk seri ini hanya ada 1 shade, jadi utk kalian yg skin tone nya agak gelap mungkin jadi terlalu terang. Anyway, klo ditanya bkl repurchase atau gak? Definitely Yesss!

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11:17 PM . 02 Jul 17

My first and HG BB cream, therefore I thought all kinds of BB cream in the market is as good as this one. Boy, was I wrong. I found this BB 4 years ago and now I am still struggling to find any other BB creams that suit me more than this product. 

Ctrl-A Beauty Balm is made specifically for acne-prone skin and unsurprisingly my skin never had any problem with this BB on it. When I had a growing acne before I applied the BB, at the end of the day this BB even helped to dry the acne. The dried skin would just flake off, and the said-acne disappeared without a trace. No acne scar or hyperpigmentation whatsoever. 

It started off a little bit grey but finished up in my normal skin tone after blending. It covered acne and redness beautifully without feeling heavy. I wore this to work on its own without any setting powder (or any moisturiser and sunscreen) and my co-workers were consistently in awe of how flawless my skin looked when I was using this BB. It was not my true skin, though, and as I accumulated oil throughout the day it would return to a grey cast and my face would look quite dirty by the evening.

The downside is it has only one shade. It suited my NC15 skin well, but people with darker skin might find this BB too white.

It has 12 months expired duration starting from the first usage, but even with daily usage, I couldn't completely use up the whole product so it's a bang for your buck.

5 User's Overall rating

DR. JART+ Ctrl-A Beauty Balm


6 months ago






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Dr. Jart Ctrl A Beauty Balm merupakan BB cream yang memiliki tekstur tidak lengket, dan cocok untuk pemilik kulit sensitif. BB cream ini mengandung SPF 30 PA++ untuk melindungi kulit dari sinar matahari, vitamin yang berguna untuk mencegah jerawat dan mengontrol sebum. Produk ini juga memiliki fungsi ganda untuk mencerahkan dan mencegah terbentuknya kerutan.


Keluarkan krim secukupnya dan aplikasikan pada ttik tertentu pada wajah kemudian ratakan pada wajah dan leher. Lakukan setelah pemakaian skincare.

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Dr. Jart + adalah brand skincare dan kosmetik asal Korea Selatan yang didirikan oleh Dr. SungJae Jung dan Chin Wook Lee tahun 2004. Produk Dr Jart+ sudah teruji oleh para dermatologist dan tersedia di 46 negara.

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