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10:57 AM . 25 Oct 16

Dapat trial version produk ini waktu aku beli parfume Givenchy di Sephora USA. Awalnya agak khawatir karena brush nya yang kecil bulat hehe tapi ternyata it works and last long on my eye lashes!! Applicator nya yang kecil memudahkan kita untuk apply sampai ujung lashes. Buat orang yang pay attention to detail like I do, this product is absoulutely made for you! 

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Givenchy Givenchy Phenomen Eyes Mascara


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What it is:

A smudge-proof, iconic mascara with an intense black pigment that curls, defines, and strengthens lashes.

What it does:

Givenchy’s Phenonen'Eyes Mascara combines its iconic spherical brush with an enhanced formula for ultimate definition, length, and curl in an intense black shade. Its comfortable formula curls and defines for a wide-eyed lash look that lasts all day. It features a new hydrating polymer that prevents smudging and a triple-action polymer that strongly clings to the lashes to lengthen and curl them. Non-sticky and easy to apply, this mascara’s 360-degree, modern brush design has a precise “S” brush shape to separate and coat every lash—even the shortest—from root to tip.

What else you need to know:

During photo shoots and backstage at fashion shows, Nicolas Degennes, Makeup and Color Artistic Director at Parfums Givenchy, used to trim mascara brushes to access the hardest-to-reach lashes and add greater definition at the roots. This gave rise to Phenomen’Eyes Mascara, featuring a unique sphere-shaped brush that grips all lashes for a more intense makeup result.

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