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5:49 PM . 08 Nov 15

Dejavu ini susah dicari, cuma bisa di peroleh di Singapore or Hong Kong
mascara ini terkenal dengan fibres nya.. dan easiness of application and wash, cukup dengan cuci pakai air hangat
karena ini mascara tubing (alias formulanya mengcoat bulumata instead of painting it)
fibresnya akan menempel dari ujung2 ke ujung yang lain hasilnya bulumata jadi panjang
ga terlalu hitam hasilnya, jadi kalo suka bulumata yang warnanya jet black, mesti dibantu pakai mascara lain
mascara ini bisa bikin panjang2 dan separasinya bagus, dengan separasi bagus maka bulumata terlihat banyak (alias bervolume)
kalo memang suka mascara jepun, boleh lah di coba si dejavu knockout ini..

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6:29 PM . 22 Jul 15

i like this one a lot..
it gives my lashes mega volume, holds curl very well, doesn't smudge, and the fiber makes my lashes long..
the pink packaging is cute..
It's not that popular in Indonesia, but it actually has a great quality..

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11:16 PM . 24 Oct 13

Three days after using this, I'm in love.

Why I like this mascara so much:
1. It does not sting my sensitive eyes (I wear contact lenses)
2. The fiber does not flake (as long as you don't curl your eyelashes after applying mascara)
3. It lengthens my lashes (my lashes are really long after using this)
4. It adds volume but you have to layer it
5. It moderately holds the curl (after using eyelash curler) which is pretty awesome considering my monolids keep pushing the lashes down.
6. It is super black
7. No clumping, no smearing
8. It is easy to remove, just use warm water. No tugging needed. No lash fallout (which often happens to me after using mascara).

Not available in Indonesia, but it can be ordered via

5 User's Overall rating

Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Knockout


4 years ago

Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Knockout

2 years ago






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Imju Dejavu Fiberwig Lash Knockout is an intensely volume-building version of Fiberwig. The more you apply, the greater the volume.

The unique newly developed Volume Styling Brush applicator keeps each eyelash completely separate for gorgeous, voluminous looking lashes with no clumping.

As you brush the mascara over your lashes, Fiberwig coats and separates each individual lash with a thin layer of fiber.

Due to this layer of film coating on the lashes, it will not smear or cause panda eyes when you tear or sweat.

Apply fibers with the tip of the brush to the top and bottom of your lashes for thorough coating. Then stroke the lashes with the brush from the root to the tip of your lashes until the desired length.

To remove the mascara, simply wet your lashes with warm water and gently slide off the fibers with your fingertips and thumb

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