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8:07 PM . 30 Jun 16

Aku suka banget sama eyeliner dari Nars yang satu ini, performs better than most eyeliners from other brands. It usually use it to brighten my waterline, it goes smoothly through it. I have it in shade Rue Bonaparte which is a nude skin shade. It is easy to use, not smudgy, the texture is creamy and very pigmented. It's just perfect! Totally gonna repurchase.

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7:52 AM . 31 Dec 15

So far this is the best gel pencil eyeliner for my oily eyelids!
One casual strolling brought me to NARS counter, I didn't come with a purpose to buy/look for eyeliner.

However, when I tried this eyeliner on my hand I was impressed! This eyeliner "dries up" and sets in seconds despite its creamy-silky texture. When I tried on my eyes it will glide on smoothly, and after hours of window shopping this eyeliner didn't smudge. I have oily eyelids, so it's really challenging for me to find an eyeliner that will stay on for hours.

I used to wear B***i B***n gel liner before I found this. And guess what, this eyeliner is totally beat it! First of all, you don't need a brush bcos this is a retractable pencil that comes with a sharpener, second of all, this has a similar texture with gel liner and the colour is even more vivid.

The downside are the price that is quite expensive and it's difficult to find in Indonesia.

5 User's Overall rating

NARS Larger Than Life


1 year ago






Package Quality




NARS Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner didesain dengan aplikator yang mudah digunakan. Eyeliner ini memiliki tekstur creamy dan halus saat diaplikasikan. Formulanya tahan hingga 12 jam tanpa luntur.

How To Use:
Aplikasikan eyeliner dengan menarik garis dari sisi dalam mata menuju sisi luar mata

Suitable For:
Semua jenis kulit


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NARS yang terkenal dengan berbagai produk kecantikan dan perawatan tubuh yang berkualitas tinggi awalnya didirikan oleh Francois Nars pada tahun 1994 di New York. NARS mengusung tema high-style, high-fashion, menghadirkan berbagai produk yang diharapkan dapat mengekspresikan diri setiap penggunanya.

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