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9:48 PM . 20 Jul 15

This liquid eyeliner is easy to use and it has a fine brush tip that won't hurt your eyes upon application, so it's good to make cat-eye liner and adds precision as well. The packaging is also small and won't take up a lot of space in your makeup pouch, though the text print will wear off sooner or later. Unfortunately I don't find the color payoff to be very intense right off the bat, it barely looks "carbon black" at first swipe so it needs more swipes to bring out the color. The performance of this product on my oily lids have been kind of questionable. I never use primer on my lids whatsoever. On one day it lasted for barely 3 hours before it flaked but didn't smudge, and on other day it could last for above 6 hours even though I spent the day in particularly humid places and was pretty drenched in sweat. Still haven't found out the reason why it does such thing so from my experience I wouldn't highly recommend it to people with oily lids, but I think it will work great for people with dry to normal lids.

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12:50 PM . 22 Oct 13

Omg.. i love this product , kemarin ini aku nonton di bioskop dan sempet nangis karena filmnya terlalu drama banget dan amazingnya gak luntur sama sekali dan tetep stay hitam..
kebanyakan eyeliner yang aku pernah pakai juga bikin bawah mata hitam sehabis di bersihin, dan product ini sangat mudah di bersihkan dan brushnya sangat kecil banget dan sangat lembut gampang untuk di aplikasikan dan sangat nyaman buat mataku yang sangatt sensitive ^^

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Kji & Co. Carbon Black Eyeliner

2 years ago






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A liquid eyeliner pen that is versatile, easy to use and gives you professional, precise effects in creating your ideal eye makeup. Perfect for day or night use, you can go simple & subtle or go sexy & dramatic! This makeup essential enables you to accentuate and highlight the beauty of your eyes for any occasion.

Advanced semi-permanent, waterproof formula dries fast and lasts all day for that perfect fresh look from dusk to dawn with an intense black color that stays on until you take it off. No more worries about runs, smudges or smears, even when you sweat.

Suitable for sensitive eyes and those who wear contact lens.

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