Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil

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2:32 AM . 29 Dec 15

I am typical Asian Chinese with small eyes so eyeliner is a must have for me and i tried many types of eyeliner, liquid, gel, crayon, pencil, spinal etc
Generally I'm not a big fan of pencil or crayon eyeliner at all as it smudge easily, except for this one

The texture is amazingly creamy, very easy to apply compared to normal pencil or crayon type, no excess, no hassle.. I never went wrong when I used this that would need a reapply. Last all day and I usually forgot I wore this eyeliner as it didn't smudge much
The color is quite bright and make your eyes stand out in a right way, I am not a big fan of shimmer make u but this one is a keeper.
The price for me is a little expensive for crayon eyeliner, but I am a satisfied consumer and this one does last really long. Will surely repurchase

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11:41 AM . 30 Nov 15

warna turquoise yang nyala banget. gampang pakenya, walau sejenis pensil bukan gel liner tapi very easy to apply, glide easily, no chunks no excess flakes, the amount just right. bikin mata terlihat segar dan menonjol.

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11:55 AM . 15 Nov 15

This is my favorite among other Contour Clubbing colors. I have an addiction of green or teal colored makeup :D
It's a unique teal with shimmer, it leans towards blue, a good choice for eye-brightening look as blue brings the white of your eyes more. I have oily lids so a bigger effort must be paid, first apply then smudge, then apply and smudge again.
It's good for hooded eyes because it makes your eyes pop.

5 User's Overall rating

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil

2019 years ago






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Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eye Pencil adalah eyeliner yang ideal untuk diaplikasikan menjadi riasan smoky look, sekaligus cocok digunakan sehari- hari. Tekstur lembut yang menyelimuti bulu mata Anda ini diperkaya dengan jojoba oil dan cotton oil untuk menutrisi kulit agar teksturnya terjaga. Formulanya tahan air dan telah teruji secara optamologis.

How To Use:
Bentuk garis pada bulu mata mulai dari sisi dalam hingga sisi luar mata


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Bourjois lahir di tengah lingkungan theater dan performing arts pada tahun 1862. Lebih dari 150 kemudian, Bourjois tetap menciptakan makeup, fragrance, dan skin care yang terjual luas di seluruh dunia.

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