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5:37 PM . 20 Sep 15

This was my very first liquid eyeliner, so I went to a cosmetic store and asked the BA for other liquid eyeliner (I was looking for Inez and My Darling) but the BA then talked me into buying this one instead. It is very small and slim, very thin brush as well, color payoff is okay, at that time I didn't know better did I. So I got this instead of Inez, which I was surprised to find this is priced quite steep for a local product. The brush is very thin so it's perfect to create a really thin line and and precise wing liners. It doesn't smudge, it has good staying power. The minus of this product would be : the price is quite high, there's not so much product in it it's in this tiny little triangular tube, and when you started to get low on products, the color payoff is meh. Like nothing appears even though it's still wet; the product is still there, but I can't use it. I wouldn't repurchase there are other liquid eyeliner that worked better for lower price.

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Bless Long Wear Liquid Eyeliner


2 years ago






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Bless Longwear Liquid Eye Liner memperindah bentuk mata.

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Bless adalah brand kosmetik asal Indonesia yang dibuat oleh Alm. Dr. Utama Widjaja Sp.KK sekitar tahun 1970. Karena produk racikannya yang ampuh untuk mengatasi masalah kulit, Bless pun hadir untuk memenuhi permintaan para konsumen.

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