(3 reviews)
Glam Shadow Stick
Vibrant Amethyst
Rp. 105.000
3 Reviews
Combination, Light, Cool, 25 - 29
14 Mar 2016

easy to apply since this is a stick form, so just swipe it and you're done. and lots of pretty color, you can use it for daily makeup to heavy makeup.i own shade elegant marble, and it's so pretty to use as daily makeup. a bit sparkle yet still nude color for easy makeup. looks like you put effort in makeup.i gotta agree with other reviewer. this p...

Dry, Medium Light, Warm, 19 - 24
08 Jan 2016

It's easy to apply since it's a stick, you can just glide it on your eyelids, but its not a staying eyeshadow, it's easily erased by a swap. And it's kind of fragile, I have broke mine, even I rarely use it. <br /> My product is in GSS01, which is a nice glittery soft pink.

Combination, Medium, Neutral, 25 - 29
14 Dec 2015

Pengaplikasian produk ini sangat mudah, karena packagingnya yang convenient. Sayangnya eye shadow ini mudah sekali terhapus, staying powernya lemah sekali. Cocok untuk dipakai saat berpergian dalam waktu singkat. Untuk kegiatan di luar ruangan yang lama, I suggest you to pick other eyeshadow.

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