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Artist Shadow
M-656 Chestnut
Make Up For Ever
Rp. 2
2 Reviews
Acne Prone, Fair Medium, Cool, 25 - 29
26 Feb 2017

Ini sih gilaaaak ga usah ditanya lagi. Pgmentasinya agak brownish sdkt merah gt di mata. Awett bgd dpke shrian tnp primer. Pke ini j udh bagus bgd! Berasa dandan susah, pdhl pke ini j! Unik pke bgd khusus wrna ini. Ky coklat dn maroon yg dgabungin pas d apply! Uk jg gedee bgd. Udh 3bln tp blm kliatan mw hbs. Pdhl pke tiap hr pas ngantor

Combination, Olive, Not Sure, 25 - 29
08 Oct 2015

This is the eyeshadow that I used for my lazy days. just pack this in my entire lid, add some mascara and I'm good to go. I can achieve a soft and subtle daytime look even a smokey one. Since this hella expensive eyeshadow (2g) I'm pretty happy with my colour pick get a big amount of product. I bought this at MUFE stores also with a single palette cost around 70K. Funny stories, Aku nggak minta buat ngambil palette juga, awalnya aku kirain gratis eh taunya bayar. Please note kalau yang nggak mau purchase palettenya juga be aware kalau...

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