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Golden Eyes Ultra Palette

LUX crime


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9:08 PM . 06 Jan 18

A VERY GOOD EYE PALETTE!!! formula : warna gold nya so so pigmented!!! i really like pinkish and warm colors so this palette is really great. ada warna yg bener2 ga keluar sihh, for those colors i usually either wet my brush atau ambil pakai tgn, taro di mata lalu baru blend pakai brush for the price this is really worth it!! packaging: i give only 3 stars karenaaa pot nya kalo kebalik pas dibuka lgsg jatoh keluar ? pertama aku buka kebalik lgsg jatoh kaya 5 pot ehehe buttt it isnt really a problem sih once you know you cant open it upside down also the colors on the packaging are pretty!!

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9:28 AM . 18 Nov 17

Suka banget sama palet ini, kenapa? Karena bisa bikin riasan mata yang macem2, mulai dr yg natural, smokey, atau yang glamour gitu. Matte sama shimmernya bagus. Tapi aku paling suka yang warna gold nya, karena ga fall out sm sekali meskipun dia shimmer nge-jreng gituuu. Trs juga yg warna pinknya bisa dijadiin blush juga^^

5 User's Overall rating

LUX crime Essential Eye Shadow


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