Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo

02 Cappuccino

Estee Lauder


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12:46 AM . 12 Mar 16

Untuk ukuran eyeshadow ini termasuk mahal.. warna nya gak kereng banget dan harus di timpa beberapa polesan untuk hasil yg memuaskan.. powdery nya ringan, lembut, gak begitu matte, mudah di blend tapi ga tahan lama kalau gak pake eye base.. pakagingnya kurang bagus tp aplikatornya lumayan..

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3:43 PM . 28 Jan 16

It's a semi matte eyeshadow. It's easy to blend. But it's not that pigmented so use an eyeshadow primer before applying this.

Capuccino is an everyday, simple and neutral shade. It's for a lazy girl like me who doesnt like to mix and match other color but brown.

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2:15 PM . 23 Nov 15

This eyeshadow duo has one light matte shade that I find a bit too chalky and one dark brown shimmery shade that doesn't feel as chalky as the other one. The dark brown shade has a very good pigmentation though not super intense, nice amount of shimmer that's not too much, and easy to blend. These shadows also have a good staying power and doesn't crease on the lids without primer. Sadly I'm a little disappointed that it performs just as good as cheaper eyeshadows from drugstore brands. I don't feel that there's any huge difference except for maybe a slightly longer staying power and a bit more pigmentation. Still, doesn't seem to be worth the splurge.

4 User's Overall rating

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo


2 years ago






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One lighter shade and one deeper shade in one case. Works together for maximum effect. Silky, micro-fine powder texture. Glides on freely, blends seamlessly. Long wearing and crease free. Highlights, contours & emphasizes your eyes easily.

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