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12:16 AM . 22 Aug 15

Ini half concealer, half eye freshener I think.
asal disimpennya di dalem kulkas terus, lumayan sih memang boosting effectnya. tapi whether it stays all day, im not sure.
pas stengah hari masih ok lah.
tapi kalo ngaca memang berasa agak ngurangin dark circles walau gak significantly. jadi tetep lebih baik pake, daripada ga pake sama skali, kalau km punya dark circle problem seperti saya....

oya kalo disuruh milih antara ini VS real concealer, I'd go for this one though. soalnya teksturnya jauh lebih nyerep drpd concealer, almost like eye cream, dan the best thing is that it is transparent. while concealer biasanya ada warnanya, yg sometimes suka berlebihan jadinya di muka.

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9:08 PM . 24 Mar 14

The product has a slight cooling effect when applied. It also does brighten up the circles under my eyes. I usually use it after I have applied my bb cream and the lightening effect lasts all day. Using Ooh La Lift, my eyes look more awake and brighter and not tired looking at all! Can't live without this product!
I LOVE LOVE this product!

Tips: Refrigerate your ooh la lift for extra under-eye soothing power (it works!!!)

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Benefit Ooh La Lift

2 years ago






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This legendary under-eye brightening boost looks like an instant eyelift! Contains raspberry extracts and light-reflecting pigments to instantly perk up tired eyes. This delicate pink balm can be applied on bare skin or over makeup.

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Benefit merupakan produk kecantikan yang didirikan pada tahun 1976 di San Francisco oleh Jean dan Jane Ford. Merupakan produk kecantikan yang paling dikenal, dengan produk andalan “Benetint” yang telah terjual lebih dari 10 juta botol hingga saat ini.

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