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9:16 AM . 31 Dec 15

This product never fails me! It's a drugstore product that is so affordable but doesn't compromise when it comes to quality. It's a go to product that I use daily to draw a precise natural eyebrow.

I find that its non-triangle-but-pointy shape lead is easier to use rather than korean eyebrow pencil that usually comes with a triangle lead. When you draw using the korean eyebrow pencil you need a certain angle to get the natural-embroidery-stroke eyebrow with slim tip at the end of the eyebrow and sometimes it's frustrating when you're in hurry. But thanks to the slim pointy tip of this ZA Brow Liner, you will get your natural stroke + the slim tip at the end of the eyebrow in no time. And of course you don't need to worry about sharpening the lead too!

Another thing that I love is, the texture of the pencil that is not creamy and smudgy. Instead it's a bit dry and hard, but you can still see the color on single stroke. This kind of texture will give you better control when you draw the outline and how thick you want to fill in your eyebrow. Of course the result won't be as defined and strong as the ABH dipbrow pomade, but instead it will give you soft natural look.

About the staying power, as long as you don't rub it off, it won't fade at all by the end of the day.

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ZA Brow Liner


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The convenient, rotating-type Brow Liner with grooming brush creates natural eyebrows with a light touch.

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