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9:50 PM . 16 May 17

bagus banget love it! semept pake ini, hasilnya natural dan tahan lama tapi kurang suka sama brushnya... menurutku kurang enak untuk bentuk alis apalagi tekstur brow ink ini kentel, jadi aku apply pake brow brush senidiri jauh lebih enak dan jadi gampang ngebentuknya. overall walaupun hasilnya bagus but it's too pricey, repurchase? no..

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3:31 PM . 05 May 17

aku beli ini garagara diracunin sama orang shu eumuranya ahaha.. alisku kan sulaman jadi katanya pake ini.. bagus sih gmpg dipake cmn skali kt pake kek dia keluarin ink nya too much .. ga nyesel beli ini baguss

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3:56 PM . 03 Aug 16

The BEST brow product I have ever used! Although a lil bit tricky when it comes to hairless brow girls...

You can’t and you don’t shape your eyebrow with this she uemura’s product because it is THAT hard to remove when it dries, and it dries fast. So what I usually do is framing my brows with a really smudging eyebrow pencil (read: Viva brow pencil), after I’m satisfied with the shape, I fill them in with the she uemura brow ink.

And that’s it: the result is so natural, yet so not easy to smudge/gone . You know what I mean. We all hate the moment at the of the day when our face is so oily and our brows are gone :(

I just don’t like it because it’s so pricey and runs fast (around 2 months using) :(

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Shu Uemura Brow Ink


1 year ago






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24-hour long lasting unique liquid formula that naturally shadows the brow hair. brow:ink delivers a natural and professional finish. adds a 3D appearance by coloring the skin between each hair with a special flat brush.

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Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura adalah brand kosmetik asal Jepang yang meluncurkan produk pertamanya pada tahun 1960. Shu Uemura nama pemilik yang juga dijadikan nama brand ini adalah seorang makeup artist brand kosmetik yang dikenal karena kualitas produknya.

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