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5:37 PM . 16 Sep 16

As someone with very thin brows I got very insecure about nowadays eyebrow trend. My main concern at first is whether I can draw my brow right and symmetrical or not, but as time went by and I finally master the drawing eyebrows skill (caelah) my problem changed to: How can I find a good eyebrow product that will last a day even though I have to Wudhu outside the house at least 3 times a day without me having to re-draw my eyebrow? Because I found a lot of posts on my social media saying "aku emang gasecantik dia tapi seenggaknya alisku ga luntur walau wudhu berkali-kali", and to be honest, I am offended. Lol. I mean, come on, I was born this way.
Strolling through some of my favorite products, I found something similar from etude house Tint My Brow Gel. It was a bit pricey earlier (around 150k-ish), as mahasiswa akhir bulan, I thought its a little bit too much so I tried to find alternative, aaand this is it!
It was cheaper than etude house Tint My Brows, if I'm not mistaken it was around 80-90k (I'm sorry I forgot the exact price) and its been more than a month I think and I guess I still have plenty left on that little bottle (I can't really see it because the packaging isn't see through). It lasts a day, even though you wash your face (but please try not to let your soap touch the product) and on day 2 you can still see some of it left. You put it on before you go to sleep and peel it the next morning. Its great product and the price is just right.The only issue is you have to be verrry careful when putting it on because at first it can be messy.
A little tips that might help you:1. Don't, I repeat, DON'T put too much product. Try your best to apply it thinly and evenly through your eyebrow. The color is very pigmented, I'm sure you don't want Shinchan eyebrows on your face the next morning.2. Start from the middle. I always like to go on natural look and having people thinking its my real eyebrows. So I always start from the middle and apply the applicator facing upwards on the front side of my brows. You know, like when you do your brows with pencil and spooli brush.3. Always have tissue by your side to remove the messy liquid. You don't have to master the drawing skill or take too long drawing your eyebrows. Just try be careful while doing it and don't panick if its bleberan (sorry, idk whats the English word for it) just simple wipe it with tissue. And just fix your messy drawing by wiping the tissue following your natural brow shape. 
So finally, is this product worth buying? Yes. Will I repurchase? Definitely, because I need it. But maybe I'll try the etude one to compare and maybe I'll make another review.
Semoga review ini bermanfaat! Xx

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