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11:25 AM . 07 Apr 17

I've been dealing with numerous eye creams, and none of them actually worked. Until I find this amazing eye cream from Murad, which is pretty expensive, especially in Indonesia retailers, but it's worth the price because it does help with my puffiness, and i can see a slight difference with my under eye brightness. The packaging is also nice because you can actually adjust the right amount with the helpful pump. Really love it.

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11:24 PM . 23 Nov 15

eye cream nya mahal ya heheheh teksturnya creamy, gampang meresap, gak bikin mata jadi pedih berair, saya coba ini selama 2minggu. mata jadi lebih segar sih. untuk dark circle dan problema mata lainnya tidak begitu terlihat hasilnya krn saya hanya pake 2minggu saja.

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3:44 PM . 10 Sep 15

Wrinkles around my eye is my biggest concern as always. Therefore, I always look for a best eye cream. If that means I'm splurging, so be it. I've tried Kiehl's and Clinique but there's no significant result. I know that the result of an eyecream can't be expected overnight, but still I want my crop after investing for one bottle! Hehehe..

Murad Renewing Eye Cream finally has the answer. Sure, the result didn't appear in 1-2 weeks, but in 4 weeks I could see that the lines around my eye slowly disappear. The texture itself is creamy, not watery and the pump works great and it's easy to control how much of the cream comes out so I don't feel like any is being wasted.

If you read this eyecream reviews you will realize that not every type of skin works out with this eye cream. But this works for me. So since it's pretty expensive I suggest to try this product by sharing or by buying the travel size.

4 User's Overall rating

Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream


2 years ago






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Murad Resurgence Renewing Eye Cream adalah krim yang digunakan sebagai perawatan anti penuaan pada daerah kulit sekitar mata. Formulanya berguna untuk mengencangkan kulit daerah sekitar mata, mencerahkan, dan menghidrasi untuk meminimalisasi tampilan penuaan dan lingkaran hitam pada wajah. Terdapat kandungan Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 dan Eye Brightening Complex untuk menghilangkan bengkak pada daerah sekitar mata sehingga tampak lebih cerah.

How To Use:
Aplikasikan pada daerah sekitar bawah mata dalam keadaan bersih

Suitable For:
Semua jenis kulit


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