(2 reviews)
Cleansing Freshner
Normal to Dry Skin
Rp. 45.000
2 Reviews
Combination, 25 - 29
17 Mar 2017

sekarang mulai lagi ngurusin kukit muka, gara2 liat video mba affi...pas bongkar2 cari cleanser, ada cleanser bless ini, lengkap sama milk nya, nyegerin rasanya, aku jadiin dia hydrating toner, tapi warnanya yg merah kadang jd samar sama kotoran yg ada di kapas, tp overall nyegerin, repurchase no sepertinya, mau coba toner yg lain

Combination, 30 - 34
14 Sep 2015

1st impression when I use this, I was shocked. The fragrance is too strong and yes...its not alcohol free. I don't know why they put ethanol in their it because its for normal skin so we shouldn't be worry with the ethanol? I'm just afraid that my pores will get bigger. (Cmiiw)<br /> If its not too pricey, I might dump this right a...

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