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9:39 AM . 29 Dec 15

Sebagai penyuka glowy make-up tetapi memiliki kulit berminyak, highlighter selalu menjadi andalan. Pertama tertarik dengan merk RBR karena packagingnya yang lucu, dan ternyata produknya pun tidak mengecewakan. Teksturnya seperti lotion, memiliki wangi yang sangat enak sekali. Saat pertama kali mencoba agak kaget juga karena terlihat putih dan sparkly sekali tetapi tidak seperti glitter. Saat dicoba ternyata hasilnya bagus sekali, jadi glowy cantik. Highlighter ini bisa dipake sebagai base agar terlihat cerah, dicampur dengan foundation atau dipakai langsung di area muka yang menonjol. Isinya pun banyak, jadi rasanya gak akan habis2 pakainya

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Rouge Bunny Rouge Highlighting Liquid Seas of Illumination


1 year ago






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Be as playful as the magical being that you are and create stunning inside-out illumination on your face and body with the versatile Highlighting Liquid.

Available in three beautifying shades, this water-based, refreshing emulsion blends easily with moisturiser or with foundation and can be layered both under and on top of your make-up for a variety of effects. With plant-derived, non-greasy emollient Squalane for supple, soft, and healthy looking skin. From naturally glowing to spectacularly luminous - the silky finish suits all skin types, even oily skin.

The re-packaged formula of our Highlighting Liquid is enriched with a precious hydrating complex based on Hyaluronic Acid. We have added Vitamin E for its anti-oxidant, anti-aging properties and Melissa Officinalis for its soothing and de-puffing benefits, so you can wear the Highlighting Liquid as your make-up base for a healthy glow.

The new, travel-friendly packaging includes a redesigned pump that helps you disperse just the perfect amount so you can use this long-lasting product sparingly - as the smallest drop will suffice.

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Rouge Bunny Rouge

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