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10:43 AM . 06 Jan 16

I tried this 4th times, and im totally in love with this.
Too bad i have no change to have it since it limited edition and i know this too late :(. My sister own this so i tried hers, i really hope i can get this but already sold everywhere even on ebay.

However this meteorites somehow very subtle and smoother your skin. I kinda lost word to describe it but du dragon gaves a different efdecr with teint rose.

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7:29 PM . 18 Sep 15

Thank you MBS FD, i found my du dragon out there. It's so amazing and beautifully packaged.

Many said that du dragon is belong to asian, because it was named to celebrate year of dragon. I feel an urge to get get get it because i was born in the year of dragon *LOL.. what a reason.

However, as the other meteorites, du dragon gives me beautiful finish. It helps me to hide my pores and giving such an amount of radiance for my skin. The finish is subtle, yet noticeable but it gives healthy skin effect.

The scent is, like all Guerlain. Violet that sometimes going subtle, but the other times hit you in your face. I dont know about you but i kinda enjoy this luxurious scent. Yes, even when it hardly disappear. I just love to know i have the meteorites with me (i know, lebay right? haha)

Sadly this one is limited edition. I have to safe my use for special ocassion only.

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Guerlain Perles du Dragon Meteorites


2 years ago






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Guerlain Perles du Dragon Meteorites adalah iluminator edisi khusus yang dikeluarkan pada tahun 2012. Bola meteoritnya terdiri dari 6 warna yang cantik, yaitu pink, rose, beige, ungu, emas, dan putih. Warna emas dan putihnya memberikan nuansa glowing dan sisanya memberikan warna pink yang hangat pada pipi.

How to use :
Apikasikan pada wajah, terutama tulang pipi

Suitable for :
Semua jenis kulit

Ingredients :

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Guerlain adalah brand kosmetik, skincare, dan parfum premium asal Perancis yang sudah didirikan sejak tahun 1828 oleh Monsieur Pierre-François-Pascal Guerlain. Karena produknya yang berkualitas, Guerlain pun terus mengembangkan bisnisnya keseluruh dunia.

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