(2 reviews)
Bronzing Powder
Refined Golden
Rp. 362.180
2 Reviews
Combination, Medium, Warm, 25 - 29
16 Nov 2015

I love this bronzing powder, it makes my face glowing yet bling-bling when i used this on glam occasion. Its texture so buttery, very pigmented yet orangey in my face. The color is like bronze-golden and will accentuate skin contour without looked like drag queen. The longevity about 8 hours before faded.

Combination, Medium, Warm, 30 - 34
13 Nov 2015

I must be lucky because sometimes I can use warm colors for contouring :D<br /> <br /> + mengandung gold shimmer tapi ngga nampak ketika dipakai, jadi cocok juga untuk contouring<br /> + tidak terlalu orange di kulitku yg warm toned ini<br /> + tekstur halus dan pigmented<br /> + packagingnya indah banget :D (aku punya yg versi LE Alluring Aquatic)...

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