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8:22 PM . 13 Oct 15

This soap contains more than 70% olive oil. If you have dry skin, I recommend this. I'm not sure whether you can choose your own scent or not. I used it when I was in a cold area and after I went diving. It makes my skin less dry. And if you compare it to other soaps you can actually feel how moisturising this soap is.
Castile smells weird as it is made mostly out of olive oil. It's like putting olive oil on your body. Personally, I don't mind it. Again if you are the kind of person who needs to smell good, you wouldn't like this product unscented. Maybe, you can get it scented.

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2 years ago






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Guaranteed!! 100% Natural handmade liquid soap.
No SLS, no Parabens and no preservatives.
Our Castile Soap which is mostly consists of olive oil could moisturize and gently clean your skin. It is very safe to use even for your baby and mature skin. This castile soap also could be used as shampoo and face soap as well.
Castile soap is very recommended for customer with dry or sensitive skin. It also known to relieve the symptoms of skin diseases such as eczema.

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