(2 reviews)
Cocoa Butter and Vanilla Cream Bath
Rp. 20.000
2 Reviews
Normal, Medium, Warm, 40 - 44
26 Sep 2015

Dari semua range produk M&S, ini scent yang paling disuka, selain yang peach. Aroma vanilla & cocoa butter nya soft, gak nyegrak. Isinya juga buanyaakk banget, creates a lot of lather, kalau pakai shower puff.

Oily, Medium, Neutral, 19 - 24
23 Apr 2015

Tipe kulitku itu lil bit dry, ini product M&S pertamaku so I was excited about the brand and cocoa butter which made me buy this product. The product comes in a huge transparent bottle with a screw cap, with a huge picture of cocoa. It has a mild vanilla scent, which I love. Tp pertamanya aku gatau ini harusnya dipake dalem bathtub hahaha. Some...

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