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Bar Soap
Wangsa Jelita
Rp. 47.000
4 Reviews
Oily, Medium, Warm, 25 - 29
26 Oct 2016

Very subtle barely-there smell for all variants (I don't mind though. But if you like an aromatic bath, then this one is not going to satisfy you). No colorants. It is neither hydrathing nor dehydrating. This is my first natural soap bar and was happy to try it. Very simple and few ingredients. They use phalates free fragrance. I will not repurchase due to the price. I was happy with the price when they initially launched but they have increased their prices from 25k going up to 45k. At this price I very much prefer to use Sensatia's ...

Oily, Fair Medium, Cool, 25 - 29
05 Nov 2015

Aromanya saya suka banget! Very relaxing, cocok banget buat dipakai kalau habis kerja. Dan yang saya suka sabun ini gak mengandung SLS, jadi gak bikin kulit saya kering dan kesat. Kemasannya juga rapi banget.

Dry, Tan, Warm, 25 - 29
27 Oct 2015

Pertama kali coba sabun ini, aku pikir wanginya akan jiplak banget. Gataunya aku salah total. Wanginya tidak menyengat, busanya banyak namun mudah dibilas, dan yg penting, setelah mandi, kukitnya jadi halus walapun hasilnya tidak instant yah, butuh bbrp hari baru terlihat.

Combination, Medium, Neutral, 25 - 29
26 Sep 2015

+ PLUS<br /> + Not drying my skin<br /> + Aromatherapy scent which will make you feel relax after bath :) <br /> + It has a lot of foam, even though it's natural product ;)<br /> + The packaging, the soap is wrapped with a cling-wrap. Hygienic!<br /> <br /> - MINUS<br /> - For the price, it's kinda expensive though<br /> - A bar won't be enough for a month usage, you need 2-3 bars<br /> - Only available online

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