(2 reviews)
Orange Bar
Natural Bar Soap
The Bath Box
Rp. 70.000
2 Reviews
Oily, Medium, Warm, 19 - 24
07 Nov 2016

Suka sama wanginya, bikin kulit lembut juga, tapi gak ngeliat perbedaan yg katanya bisa mencerahkan, mungkin karena baru coba 1 batang kali ya. Gampang benyek kalo kena air jadi harus taro di tempat khusus. Jarang ready stock

Oily, Medium Light, Warm, 25 - 29
07 Feb 2016

Lemon on top was meant to be attractive but somewhat gross. I took of those out of my soap and throw it away.<br /> <br /> Made from goat milk, this soap is moisturizing. It cleanse well and despite being fast to reduced, it doesn't clumpy in progress.<br /> <br /> I don't get the brighten skin they promoted but well, it's nice to use.<br /> <br />...

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